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Beltane Stud is a small rattery located in the West Midlands, England. I am a member of the NFRS and a registered breeder. I have kept rats since 1986 and I started breeding under the name Beltane in 2006. We achieved stud status in 2015 with Beltane Bramley (Russian Blue Agouti Essex) and Beltane Maple (Black Berkshire).
My main aim is to breed healthy, friendly rats. I also breed for show. Both these things are important to me and I have bred rats that are both pet and varieties champions. I have just started working with a new marble line from a recent import. These rats are very new and will only be available to selected pet homes. If you are interested in adopting marble rats please email me or send me a message on FB. I also breed Black and Russian Blue in Essex and Dumbo. 
If you are looking for kittens please take a look at the litters page. I only breed a few litters a year so be prepared to wait a few months. I am happy for you to register your interest with other breeders providing you inform me if you no longer wish to remain on the list.
I attend quite a few shows each year, mostly NFRS shows. Shows are good fun and a great way to meet people who care about rats. 




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